Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The track, I am back on it

Have you ever not realized how deep a slump you were in until you pulled out of it? You shake yourself off and say man, that sucked, and I didn't even know how badly.

That was me. I was having some issues before the lovely 12-day vacation to Hawaii (yes, there will be more about that with pictures later, once I organize the pictures on the right machine!). I was depressed, listless. I wasn't getting anything done in any part of my life, and I hated myself for it--which then made me continue to not do anything, which made me feel worse... Nasty, nasty cycle.

Anyway, vacation was just the trick. I came back with a clear brain and renewed discipline. Starting the day after we got back, I am:

  • writing every day
  • exercising (30 minutes at least) every day
  • (gasp) taking my calcium :)
Granted it's only been 4 days, but it FEELS different. It feels like I'm myself again, back where I used to be. I like this self. And I think I can keep it up.

You're going to root for me to keep it up, right?

Eventually I will also manage to get back to good twitter habits, email habits, and maybe even blog or blog reading habits (though I don't promise). But I think I've got the important things going.