Friday, July 30, 2010

Phase 2

...and the last couple days have been Illness, Phase 2. Both Child and Hubby came down with my virus at the same time. Fevers and the joys of stomach flu. So I was out of work again taking care of them...


STILL, both are nearly all better today, thank goodness. Just in time for Child and I to head out to the mother/daughter weekend Girl Scout camp we've been planning since April! It was touch-and-go there for a while, but I'm so happy we can go.

I'll be totally away from the internet for the duration, but hope y'all have a lovely weekend!!! See you next week, which I hope will be significantly more uneventful and more full of writing...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Daily Walk

Ha. I DID manage to go for a walk today! Victory.

It was cloudy and muggy, but I got a few interesting pictures all the same. Strangely today's seemed to be more about the past and decay...but I love stuff like that too.

We had a busy weekend at Evel Knievel Days. Nope, I'm not kidding. I even rode in a monster truck. :) FINALLY feeling almost all well...thanks for the get-well wishes, guys!

Today's pictures:

I admit, I don't know what this is. I just liked the look of it sitting there.


Brief moment of sun. Doesn't this look Greek or something?

This one does not look Greek. I'm still trying to puzzle out what used to be written on the door.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Not quite so daily.

Well, my "daily" plan got blown out of the water straightaway...Tuesday night I came down with a 24-hour bug, which left me not really wanting to walk more than a few steps Wednesday or yesterday. Today I'm back at work, but still a bit "wobbly on my pins" as an old British woman might say.

Sometimes I channel an old British woman. Don't mind me.

Anyway, I will try to get back on my action plan as soon as energy levels warrant. In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend!! And thanks for your loverly comments!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daily Walk Illustrated

I KNOW. I haven't posted in forever. It's not like I forgot about you--it's been an item on my to-do list nearly every day--and it's not like there hasn't been anything going on. July is festival month 'round here, so we've had 4th of July extravaganzas and the last year of the National Folk Festival, and piles of goings-on in between. I just haven't quite gotten to it.

Today, though, I started a little possible side project, and thought it would be fun to share with you.

Hubby and I had been going for walks pretty regularly in the afternoon, 1-2 miles a day...until we didn't anymore. He got busy, it was too hot, whatever. We stopped, and my clothes are starting not to fit again. Today I decided just to GO by myself, and along the way to indulge another craving I've been having: photography. Lately I see everything in still images, and I've been itching to take the good camera out for a run.

So my plan: go for a walk as often as I can, by myself or otherwise. Daily if possible. Bring the camera, and document interesting stuff. And post a few on the blog! Why not? It's exercise, creative, AND fun.

So here are a few pics from today's adventure, for your enjoyment! All copyright me, because I took them. :P

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Love Day Thursday

I haven't done one of these for a while, so here we go!

Love day is celebrating what you love RIGHT THIS MINUTE. I love:

  • The sunshine and 70-degree weather going on outside my window. I'm hoping to have lunch on a deck somewhere today.
  • My writer friends, and all the new people I've met over the past couple of days!
  • Agents and editors who are awesome (most, in my experience) and respond to emails and posts right away even though I know they're busy people.
  • The Lindt Dark Chocolate with A Touch of Sea Salt bar I've been snacking off of all week.
  • My husband, who just called me with two grammar questions in a row.
  • Paychecks.
  • The first day of the month, when I get to turn the new page on the calendar.
  • The prospect of taking Child to the library this weekend to discover new books.
How about you? What do you love?