Thursday, April 16, 2009

Operation Teen Book Drop

Under the category of "things I should've known about" and "how did I miss this":

Today is Teen Literature Day! And more important (to me), it's Operation Teen Book Drop.

There are apparently two ways of doing this:

1) As listed on the YALSA wiki, donate books for teens to your local hospital, or get involved in outreach with teens who are shut in or stuck in the hospital. Get them books to read and fun stuff to do.

2) As discussed on Readergirlz, slap a TBD bookplate in a YA book and leave it somewhere public, for teens to find and read.

Win win. Either way, teens get to discover and experience new books. I'm going to call my hospital and go the first route if I can, as being a teen stuck in the hospital has special meaning for me. If they don't want them, I'll go route 2. WooHoo Operation Teen Book Drop!

And on another note, tomorrow is going to be TIARA DAY, particularly on Twitter. Join in!

1 comment:

Renée said...

I didn't know about either of those! What a great idea about donating books to a hospital. I'll see what I can find.

Looks like things are going great for you, Susan! You amaze me with all you accomplish. :o)

Now I'm off to search through my daughter's dress-up box for a tiara...