Thursday, January 07, 2010

Worry Balls and Yay

Hi y'all!

Yesterday Child went on the first school ski trip of the year, so I transformed instantly into Ball of Worry.

This is normal for me on any field trip, but worse with skiing just because I *don't* ski. I've been a couple times, but I pretty much suck at it, and Child is already far, far better than me. So I don't go along and get in the way--I let her go with her teachers and ski instructors and get my exercise worrying my ass off all day.

So I picked her up with great relief yesterday--except that the answer to "How was skiing?" was "Good. Except when I fell and twisted my knee." *limp limp limp*


I don't think it's bad--it's not swollen or discolored or anything--but it's her first injury like that, so we're watching it. Hopefully it's just a strain or a pulled muscle. We'll call the doc if it's not better soon.

But she got up again after falling and skiied down the hill. And then went up the lift and skiied down again before going home. So it can't be that bad, right?

But there was GOOD news yesterday too. We'd found out on Monday that last night there were auditions at the kid's theatre for JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH. In spite of her crammed dance schedule, Child really really wanted to go and try. I figured with her restricted schedule and the 50+ kids who tried out, we wouldn't hear back again.

But nope, this morning we checked the list. She got called back! On her first audition ever!

And so it begins... :)

Callbacks tonight, and we shall see!


Kay Theodoratus said...

Enjoy the warm feeling.

At least you don't have to haul around a concert grand harp.

ElanaJ said...

Congrats to the Child!

Susan Adrian said...

Kay: This is a Good Point.

Elana: Thanks! Fingers crossed until cast list is posted today!

Ara Burklund said...

School ski trip? How cool is that?!? In elementary school, no less. We get nothing of the sort in So Cal. (Like, how about a School Beach Day in September, when the weather's still hot?) Anyway, I hope your daughter's okay! It's a good thing kids bounce back so quickly, but still. Twisting anything is just plain awful.