Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear lovelies

Dear lovely, lovely blog readers & friends:

I am still here!! I am so sorry for abandoning you.

However, I have promised the Fabulous Agent Shark that I will get SALVAGED to beta-readers by May 1.

*looks at calendar*

I will likely continue to abandon you in favor of Annie, Zilla, Xander, and Ben for another while or so. Rock on!




Steena Holmes said...

You can do it!

Linda G. said...

This can only work to my benefit.;) Keep writing! I wanna read more.

Janet Reid said...

:::swimming by to make sure Susan's working hard::::

Susan Adrian said...

Steena: Thank you!!

Linder: I'm ON IT.

Janet: I'm not here! I'm working! See me working. *runs away*

Ara Burklund said...

Good luck, Susan! It's tough to stay offline, but the results on the page will be worth it. : )

Deborah said...

You can do it; you can do it; you can do it; whoot-whoot!

Go, Suze, go!