Thursday, August 05, 2010

Daily Walk Pics: August 5th

Daily walk pics for you!!

I love this church. It always looks gorgeous.

There's something about boarded-up windows, particularly the ones that have been bricked over, that intrigue me.

But this poor house is going a little overboard with the blocked-off windows. I wish someone would fix it up!


Linda G. said...

That poor house looks like some post-apocalyptic dwelling half-buried by time. Interesting!

And the poppies are pretty. :)

[My verification word: "fixosess" -- you know why this is funny to me. ;)]

Travis Erwin said...

That last house looks a bit askew.

Susan Adrian said...

Linder and Travis:

Yep. That house definitely has some issues. Yet you can see that it MUST have been cool at one time...long, long ago...

Natalie Aguirre said...

It's amazing what can be done, even with that last house, if it's fixed up or remodeled. It could be gorgeous. Sort of like our first drafts, huh?

courtney said...

So love love love this series. That house is killing me!! It should be in a book or something. It looks like it has secrets. :)

Susan Adrian said...

Natalie: True--though there are houses like that all over around here!

Courtney: THANK YOU!! From you that is awesome. :) And that house...yeah. I just want to know what's behind that wood?