Friday, December 03, 2010


Hi all!!

It's Tiara Day again! This one was called in celebration of two things officially: the birth on November 16 of my beloved friend Tiffany Schmidt's twin boys (helloooo Asher and Bradford: welcome to Sparkle-Town!) and the new agent of the lovely Julie Butcher-Feydnich (@jimsissy on Twitter), who ASKED for a TD. :)

(It's also unofficially for a couple of OTHER lovelies who had good news last month, but I can't reveal those. You KNOW WHO YOU ARE.)

Now, you're probably wondering about that kind of funky tiara pic I've got going this time. It does look odd, yes. But there's a good story behind it. (I told this story before after the trip, but I'm REPEATING IT, okay?)

When I made my first trip to New York City in January last year, for the SCBWI conference, I got to meet up with the Fabulous Sharkly Agent Janet (of course). It wasn't the first time I'd met her in person, but the first time in her beloved city. I knew she had a couple of plans of where to take me. But when I saw her, she was practically giggling.

"You'd better laugh when you see this," she said, "or I'll disown you." She studied me. "Never mind, you're going to laugh."

She maneuvered me through my first subway trip, and stood me right here.

A tiara! On the wall of the subway station!

See me grinning my head off? Nah, she doesn't know me AT ALL.

Then she took me to a chocolate restaurant for lunch, Max Brenner's.

So in light of the fact that today's Tiara Day is half about an agent matchup, and that it's almost January again, it's the perfect Tiara Day avatar. Don't you think?

Hope you join in the celebration!


Patty Blount said...


Janet... I thought we were friends.

Susan... I'm so glad you blogged about this or I'd STILL not know.

Crystal Posey said...

Congrats to Julie!

Kelly A. Harmon said...

Congrats and Happy Tiara Day!

Love the subway-wall tiara.

As for a chocolate restaurant...sounds like an excellent reason for a roadtrip!

Now, off to convince the Husband of Awesome that we make the trip...

Anonymous said...


CONGRATS to Julie and WELCOME to Asher and Bradford!!! <3

I sure wish I knew who else this day was for...hmmmmm.

Linda G. said...

Happy Tiara Day! Congrats all around. :)

And I am still jealous that you got to go to a CHOCOLATE restaurant. :p

Regina said...

I wore a Tiara on Dec 3. It was my birthday too. Yay!