Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things that Make Me Happy Today

Every once in a while I like to pause the craziness for five minutes and reflect on what is making me happy RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT. Here's today's happiness list:

--My fantabulous agent, Kate Schafer Testerman, who manages to be calm, kind, AND encouraging
--The weather, which has dropped from a little-too-hot 89 yesterday to 77 today. Family bike ride, we are coming at you tonight!
--Salt and Vinegar almonds. I can totally pretend these are healthy.
--Pandora radio, rocking me out right now
--T2, my current manuscript, which I love dearly because it keeps surprising me. Should hit 50k this week!
--Fellow authors and friends who keep up a steady stream of sparkles when I need it, and chat when all is cool. :)

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

1 comment:

Linda G. said...

Looks like a great list to me. :)