Friday, August 24, 2012

Writers and Parties

Like most writers I know, I've got a little bit of social anxiety. If given a choice and able to be completely honest, I'd rather stay home with a book and a computer than go to a big party or social function. But for real-life reasons I find myself having to go to quite a lot of these events. I thought I'd illustrate in pictures what going to a party is like for me...and probably many of you!

All pictures are public domain from Flickr Commons.


Oh my God, what did I do? Why do I have to go to this? It's going to be awful, I know it. BREATHE.


Wow, there are a lot of people here. I even know some of them! This isn't so bad.

Not bad at all. These people are actually pretty funny! And I think maybe they even get me. See, they laughed.
This guy even looks like GARY COOPER. And I think I'm being passably charming. Woot! Success!


Oh my GOD what did I say? I think that one guy who looked like Gary Cooper looked at me funny. I probably sounded like an idiot. Ugh. And that dress. I probably should've worn a different dress.

Oh well, I'd rather read anyway.

Or write. Damn, this character is witty at parties. I am good.
I think.


Linda G. said...

Ha! Perfect illustration. :)

Elizabeth Briggs said...

Love it!

Sarah said...

Ugggghhh. Too close to home! I hate the "omg what did I say?!?" phase. The perils of being overly analytical. The reason why I avoid parties.