Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall Bounciness

Tonight is forecasted to be the first real frost--I'll have to get out there and cover our fledgling pumpkins with sheets, bring the hanging strawberries into the garage for the night. You'd think this would make me sad...the end of our perfect summer weather.

It actually makes me bouncy.

I adore Fall. It's my favorite season by far. Why?

  • The light changes utterly. It slants orange across the yard, across my daughter's face as she helps me water. It's friendlier, calmer than strong summer light. It tells me things are changing.
  •  The wardrobe switch! By the end of August I'm tired of my small rotation of tank tops and capri pants, and ready to dive back into my massive pile of sweaters, jeans, and colorful stripy wool socks. Plus buy a few more, here and there. (my husband's cry: "Like you need any more sweaters!" Yes, I do.)
  • New boots. I discovered I really could wear high-heeled boots instead of flats last year (who knew?). Just got my third new pair to replace ones I wore out last year. LOVE them!
  • The scents. Break out the Spiced Cider, Hot Toddy, and Pumpkin Vanilla scented candles! I am READY. But beyond that, fall itself smells fresh to me. Leaves, wet pavement, browning grass, pencils. Aaah.
  • Candy corn! But mostly, Jelly Belly's Autumn mellocreme mix. YUM.
  • Most of all, it's a new start. For my daughter school starts, of course, but also art classes and dance, and this year, clarinet lessons. Since I work on a college campus, everything starts up around here too, and the whole place is busting with energy and excitement. Plus sports: football! Volleyball! Basketball! Our schedule goes from nearly empty to packed full.

I do think of the tragedy of September 11 today, of course, like everyone. I remember that day very clearly. I was pregnant with my daughter, and I was petrified of the future she was going to be born into very soon. But she is here, and happy, and doing well. And with Fall comes HOPE. I feel like I can start again, and succeed. Everyone gets a new chance, including me. Including you.

Happy Fall!

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Del Robinson said...

I love fall too, for me its mostly the FOOTBALL!