Friday, November 17, 2006

Brain dump

Sorry for the silence. My mind just seems to be spinning the last few days, contemplating many subjects at once, but none I've particularly wanted to tackle here. FWIW, though, these are some of the current subjects occupying my brain:

--Bush's comments on Iraq/Vietnam
--OJ's book {shudder}
--This weird kerfuffle between Jenny Crusie and Miss Snark about Anne Stuart. I really do wish people would be more informed before they go off slagging on others. Both sides.
--The general and specific selfishness and weirdness of people
--The general and specific wonderfulness and supportiveness of other people
--The movie Stranger than Fiction, dealing with the interaction between author and character
--The report I'm editing today (on coalbed-methane injection)
--The research I'm really really behind on for my grad school class
--Chocolate, and how much I like it
--The new printer/scanner/copier I bought yesterday, yay
--My daughter's ongoing cold, and whether she's getting better
--Planning for Thanksgiving
--Buying presents for Christmas
--Research and writing for Book 2
--And that ongoing secret thingamajig I can't tell you about.

Whew. No wonder I feel kinda spacey.

Medieval Word of the Day: wive: To take a wife, get married, marry.


Mrs. Mitty said...

Gee whiz, not even any hints!? Meanie! ;P

Yeah, it sounds like you've got a case of brain cloud. Too much stuff floating around in there. [g] Hope daughter's getting better!

Susan Adrian said...


"brain cloud"! I love that phrase.

Daughter is better. I'm getting sick AGAIN. {sigh} Hooray for daytime cold medicine, which stops my symptoms and puts me in kind of a semi-drowsy happy state. {g}

Mrs. Mitty said...

I love it too, but can't take the credit - it's from "Joe Versus The Volcano" (love that movie!).

Well, good for daughter, but bad for mommy!

LOL on the meds, too. Gotta love 'em.