Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Still hanging in, waiting

Well, MY state is one of the two still undecided for the Senate race, leaving the nation hanging, waiting to see whether Democrats or Republicans will have control of the Senate. I'm very strongly pro-Tester, so I'm waiting and waiting and anxiously watching the numbers for any final result--go Jon!--but at the same time I'm secretly pleased that for once my vote has recognizable influence! In the past, my votes in California and then Montana always seemed to come in after most races had already been decided, which is frustrating as hell. At the moment Tester is ahead by about 1700 votes only, so we'll see how it goes today.

I did manage to write an eensy bit more yesterday, yay. Still very slow, very awkward, but I'm not discouraged. As long as I keep working I know it'll come. And I plan to write more today!

Last night I took Child to see the Ballet Folklorico Quetzalli De VeraCruz, an excellent show of traditional Mexican dancers and musicians. Wow. Favorite moments: the "Dance of the Little Old Men", when the four male dancers donned old men masks and canes, and mimicked the old-man shuffle interspersed with fancy footwork dancing; and the dance where the four women balanced burning candles on their heads, and the lights were turned off--they danced slowly, surely, in stark, ruffled white dresses, with the candles their only illumination. Beautiful.

We're all a little tired today, what with late show and later election watching, but it's worth it.

Medieval Word of the Day: maffle: To stammer; to speak indistinctly, mumble.


Cindy said...

Hi Susan!

The ballet sounds really lovely. Little Boy and I went to a hockey game with my family last weekend, very different to be sure, but Out. Good fun. Baby stayed home with DH.

Slow and awkward, I understand! Some days every word is like that -I'm still trying to silence my inner censor/rewriter and get with the kitchen sink method. I think it was Marsha S who said in the Forum that the first draft is like clearing her throat. That stuck with me, it's a good way to look at it.

You must be finding things very busy, I've been meaning to email. Anyway, good luck!

Susan Adrian said...


Child has been to her share of hockey games, too. We love hockey. :)

Thanks for the encouragement on the awkwardness. It's annoying, but I'm sure it'll slowly seep away, and before I know it I'll be enmeshed in the thing. Getting there! I'm glad the throat-clearing approach is helping you!

I am busy, but managing!