Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Not Freddy

Hmph. Yesterday I contracted the "mild GI bug" that Child had over the weekend...which doesn't feel quite so mild in me. Argh. I'm feeling like it's karma just for saying that.

It's snowing, with a strong, cold wind. I am so staying inside.

That's the bad news. The good news is I started writing on Book 3 yesterday (yay). I quickly discovered, though, that the MC's name is NOT Freddy. It just doesn't fit. I'm looking for a new name, though "Natalie" keeps popping up (over and over and over), so maybe that one will stick. For now I guess I'll have to refer to it as Book 3 until I'm sure...

Will add more today!


Vicki Pettersson said...

Ooh -- Natalie! It's so pretty, so feminine, so beautiful. Love it.

I don't know what a GI is, but my whole household has contracted the ugliest stomach bug evah. Dying over here...supposed to fly to Dallas tomorrow, too. Ug.

Susan Adrian said...

{G} Hoped you wouldn't mind.

GI would be exactly that. YUCK. Sorry you're suffering too. And getting on a plane with this? {shudder}

Cindy said...

Hi Suze:
LOL, I thought Vicki would like that.

Sorry you're (both) down sick, and much sympathy for the snow. We've got a really nice Indian summer going on here, wish I could send you some!

Susan Adrian said...


Thanks! Am finally better today (whew). We _should_ still get an Indian summer {eyeing sky}, but not today.