Monday, November 05, 2007

New colors

A new fall look for the blog. As I've said before, colors are very important to me...and my new WIP is fall-based. I'm going to be living in October for a few months at least. {s}

I had a wonderful weekend, and am still riding high on some good news and hoping for more (because I'm greedy that way). Good news today! Good news for everybody!

And speaking of good, GO GET HOLIDAYS ARE HELL. Sorry to yell, but I read Vicki's story The Harvest on Friday, and am still completely rocked. It is soooooo yummily good.

This week I'm pondering what it is to be an artist in various forms. More on this later...


Cindy said...

Looked for HAH at Costco today, but alas, no. (sulk) No time to hit Chapters, so I'll have to try and get in later this week.

Love the new colors.

Did you have a good Halloween? Many trick-or-treaters?

Susan Adrian said...

Oh, get it as soon as you can. I can't vouch for the other stories (yet), but Vic's makes it worth it on its own.

Glad you like the colors! I just had a mini-revelation about that. A duh one, but still. :)

And Halloween was great, though we never get many trick-or-treaters at our house. You?

Cindy said...

We have a long uphill driveway, so we usually get about 15 trick or treaters. This year I was merciful (and the kids were out) so I went down to the end of my driveway and hung out with the neighbours until my candy was gone. About 35-40 kids, I think.

I missed the line about your good news, that's great!

Susan Adrian said...

Good news rocks. More good news today!

We only got 4 kids. {s} But my parent's They get well over a hundred.