Wednesday, November 14, 2007

weather report

November has finally hit. There's a scattering of snow and ice on the ground. There's a strong west wind, bending the trees and brightening our cheeks. And it's COLD. It was 9 degrees this morning.

I've completely forgotten how to deal with this. I gave in and brought my red winter coat out of the closet. Child's snowpants, hat, and gloves are dutifully crammed into her backpack, though she won't deign to wear them yet. But I must remember the Rules of Winter:

--when it's super-cold (or when you're getting used to it) don't go outside unless you have to.
--wear a COAT! Even if you're running to the next building and it looks oh-so-sunny from the windows.
--shuffle across the ice. yes, you look like an old woman, but it's better than falling and having to shuffle because you have a broken leg.
--bring a scarf to wrap around your ears. ears get cold in wind.
--boots work better for shuffling across ice than super-cute Skecher shoes.

And that is all. I think...


Julie Elizabeth said...

all very good things for this texas girl to remember!

I finally dug out my big heavy coat this morning...

Davis Bigelow said...

Wow, here in southern Alberta it hasn't got that cold yet! Here, let me try and puff some warmer air your way. :-o... There, did that work?
I enjoyed stumbling onto your blog today. Nice burst of writing on the 13th! Impressive! :)

Susan Adrian said...

Hi Davis--glad you like the blog!

Your puff of warm air MAY have worked. It's 21 this morning, which is a good sight better than 9...thanks!

Susan Adrian said...


I know. And that avatar to the right is of course a complete lie, because all our leaves have been gone for a month. {sigh}

Cindy said...

Hi Suze!
Can I add something?

- hold your breath while you're putting your sunglasses on, or they'll fog and freeze instantly and be useless.

Good work on the wordcount!

Davis Bigelow said...

Glad the puff of air thing worked. I suppose it only proves what my dad used to always say about me - that I'm "full of hot air".
The sunglasses thing sounds fun :)