Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And then I...

Update: over the weekend, I:

slept in, scrambled to get family ready for fishing trip, HAD 8 HOURS TO MYSELF, researched and wrote a paper for class, did thesis work, caught up on ANTM and Project Runway and TopDesign (gack I am getting addicted), IM'd with friends, saw Romeo and Juliet staged with 4 actors in a 1970s set (fab!), slept in again, went swimming, went grocery shopping, played with Child, watched football with hubby, ate and slept again.

What a marvelous weekend.

Yesterday I had to get all caught up on school/work stuff, and dive back into Jenna-land.

That's right! I'm in Jenna-land again! It's a good thing I love Jenna-land, honestly. Sometimes I have a feeling I shall spend half of the rest of my life there.

Sadly, all this work-thesis-Jenna-family stuff has sucked my brain dry, hence the lack of interesting on-topic blog posts of late.

I'll try to round one up from the recesses this week. Stay tuned!


Travis Erwin said...

I'd be out of breath. Just reading about your pace made me thirsty and long for a rum and coke and nothing to do.

Susan Adrian said...

Man, that was a SLOW weekend.

courtney said...

*is staying tuned*

here's to recharged batteries!