Monday, October 20, 2008

I know you missed me so much...

But I was really away!

Last week I was in northern California--my old stomping grounds--visiting family. Also, trying to fit in work. In between FairyTale Town-ing, pumpkin patch-ing, and a quick dip in San Francisco, I managed to pound on my revisions, do research for a paper, and do homework.

In other words, I had no time to blog. Crazy, I know.

Now I'm back home, but it's crunch time. Those revisions are due tomorrow (almost done, on final read-through to make sure I didn't leave any craziness dangling in there). The homework is also due tomorrow. The paper is due Wednesday.

And Thursday, I leave for my beloved Surrey to hang with my girls and my fabulous agent Janet.

More on Surrey when I find my head!


Travis Erwin said...

Good luck finishing all of that.

Susan Adrian said...


Is that sarcasm? *narrowing eyes at you*

If not, uh, thanks! :)