Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Love Day

Okay, it's Monday afternoon. I've seen a lot of people having rough times today.

I think everybody's in need of a love day.

I like to do these every once in a while--they make at least ME feel better. Hope they make you feel better too, for a minute at least. I don't like rules, but if you feel like it here's what you do to participate:


Easy, huh?

I'll start. Right this particular second I love:

--Louis Armstrong
--Candy corn
--The brilliant orangey fall light streaming in my window

Your turn! You don't need to stop Monday either. Post as many as you want!


courtney said...



MF Makichen said...

I am so needing the love today. So here's some things I love:

Lupe Fiasco
New books to read

Catherine Karp said...

Let's see...

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
Chocolate chip pumpkin cookies
The lyrics to the 60s song "Catch the Wind"

Speaking of love, I hearted your blog.

Travis Erwin said...


Susan Adrian said...

Courtney: I verynearlyalmost added Twitter myself. Fabulous minds.

M-F: Thanks! I love s'mores too. Yum!

Cathy: Are you reading TTW right now? Thanks for the heart of my blog!

Travis: :) A good combo, I bet.

Catherine Karp said...

Yes, I'm smack dab in the middle of TTW right now. I started it back when it was first published, but I got sidetracked by something or other and put it down for a while. Hubby just read it and said I've got to get to the fantastic ending. So, I started all over again and am trying to read it while I've got writer buds reading my latest ms. I love it! Have you read it? The movie's coming out soon.

Susan Adrian said...

Cathy: I have read it! I really liked it mostly, though there were a few things I was unsure of. I don't think I'd want to go to see the movie, though. I have such a strong impression in my head from the book that I don't want to mess it up with someone else's probably entirely different interpretation!

Catherine Karp said...

They're going to have to leave so much out of the movie, so it'll probably be vastly different from the book. I'll probably see it out of curiosity.

NBB said...

I need every bit of love I can get right now.

What I love at this very moment:
- having had a looong hot shower
- Lady Grey tea
- Runrig msic

Susan Adrian said...

nbb: Hope the love spilled over to you a little!

NBB said...

Yes, it has.
And it also helped that I was not the only one in need of a bit of love. :)


Kelly Gay said...

What I love right now:

Burning hot coffee, cold medicine and a napping baby. :)

Janet Reid said...

well, I love you and Jenna, and your blog.
Does that count?

Susan Adrian said...


Wow. *sniff* I needed that.