Monday, December 01, 2008

Confession time!

All right, I admit it. I didn't make my writing goal over the 4-day weekend.

BUT I had a lovely, restful holiday. I ate turkey and stuffing and cranberry relish that Child had made at school. We introduced Child to the wonders of the Wizard of Oz--she and I cuddled together in the big chair in case the witch was a little too scary.

For me, of course. Child was fine with her. And after watching the original again, I think my flying monkeys are definitely scarier than those flying monkeys. Mine have spotlight eyes, for one. And they're not blue. And I don't know what those sardonic expressions were--mine never make you want to laugh. Cower, maybe.

Anyway, I may have to let up a teeny bit on SSP goals for a while. End of term is crunching hard and fast, and thesis deadlines with it. But I will NOT stop! December, I'm ready for you!*



Linder said...

You _are_ ready. Not just mostly. {s}


Kelly Gay said...

Glad to hear you had a good holiday, Susan!

I remember the first time my daughter and I watched Oz. And I also remember my first time and being completely freaked out by the witch -- like pure terror. I kid you not.

Good luck on end of term!! I know how crunch time can be, but I have a feeling you'll pull it off! ;-)

Susan Adrian said...

Linder: Aw, thanks! You know it, babe!

Kelly: You've got to read JENNA someday. :) Thanks!