Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tis the season for EATING

First: I finished my final, and my term paper, and thus my class! Yay! One more semester + thesis, and I am DONE. Of course that's still a lot of work to go, but Iamthisclose!

Second: Like many areas of the country, it's freaking COLD. With wind chill it was -30F this weekend. Without wind chill this morning it was -20. Brrr.

I talked before about what that feels like, so I won't go over that again. Today, I wanna talk about one of writers' favorite subjects: food.

Cold weather makes us all want to increase our food intake, particularly carbs (it's scientific!) Plus it's the holidays, so we all have traditional foods that we make every year...or crave.

So. Here's a top ten list of the foods/drinks I crave at this time of year:

  • satsuma oranges
  • chocolate, particularly fudge
  • pasta
  • potatoes (any form, really)
  • chips and onion dip (this is straight from childhood)
  • peppermint mochas
  • eggnog
  • bread bread bread
  • Chinese food (?)
  • pot roast
See? It's all about the warm, the carbs, the protein. And the chocolate. :)

How about you? What are your top ten cold/holiday food cravings?


Joanne Levy said...

Mac & Cheese.
Hot chocolate.
My co-worker's butter laden party mix.
More Mac & Cheese.

pseudosu said...

Oh baby-- danger--
peanut blossoms-- those cookies w/ the Hershey's kiss in the middle? i don't just crave them. i want to drag them off to a secluded spot and make out with them! Told hubby if I made them they'd need to be stored at church across street to keep my face out of them. Even then- has anyone ever broken into a church to make out w/ cookies B4?

Kathy said...

Gee, Susan, could we possibly be the same age? *g* The chips and onion dip (specifically the "French onion dip" in the green and white plastic tub) is a traditional part of my holiday food too.

Travis Erwin said...

I will only eat spaghetti if the weather outside is below freezing.

Cindy said...

mmm. Food.

#1 - Homemade bits-n-bites (or nuts-n-bolts, whatever you want to call them)

chips and onion dip, yessir.
shortbread cookies
cherry balls
butter tarts

Susan Adrian said...

Now y'all are making me hungrier.

Kathy: mmmm, onion dip.

Cindy: What are "bits-n-bites"? And cheesies?

Let's just make a virtual buffet table with all these, shall we?

Joanne Levy said...

Cindy - Butter Tarts? You must be a fellow Canadian. I LOVE butter tarts.

Gary Corby said...

You get to eat all that and not put on weight? I think I might move to Montana.

Cindy said...

Hi Suze:

Cheesies, maybe you call them Cheetos? They're finger-shaped, a cornmeal mixture fried in oil and coated with cheese powder. I can't imagine them being particularly Canadian. (G) Not like Ketchup chips apparently are.

Bits and bites is a snack mixture with pretzels, Cheerios (oat circle cereal), Cheese nibs (finger-ish cheese crackers), peanuts, shredded wheat squares, Rice Chex cereal, that sort of stuff. You melt butter and worchestershire sauce with garlic powder and sometimes brown sugar, pour it over, and bake.


Yes, I am Canadian, and apparently a kindred spirit as well. (S) I'm in Nova Scotia. You?

Susan Adrian said...

Gary: I didn't say ANYthing about not gaining weight. We all gain weight during winter--we need the fat. :)

Joanne: I should've warned you that I attract Canadians!

Cindy: Ah, we call that Chex party mix. And yes, Cheetos. :)

Joanne Levy said...

Susan, you must be very nice (and put out good food) to attract Canadians.

Cindy - ahh kindred spirit yes. But I'm near Toronto, not in the really nice part of Canada like yourself!