Monday, August 17, 2009

Yes, I was on VACATION!


Just got back from a week-long vacation with the family in San Diego. It was...amazing. We go there fairly often, and we always have fun--but this trip sparkled and shined. SO many fabulous memories and just happy moments to savor. A *few* highlights:
  • Swimming in the ocean, just sitting out there riding the waves. The sun was warm, the water was 72 degrees and sparkly, and hubby and Child were playing a few steps away, laughing it up and splashing. Heaven.
  • SeaWorld! Riding the Atlantis rollercoaster over and over, and holding our hands up high for the steep drops. Dolphins, manatees, and crazy-loud sea lions.
  • A proper Thai feast at Taste of Thai. Mmmm. We even had leftovers for breakfast.
  • TWO fabulous plays: Cyrano de Bergerac (which I'd always wanted to see: *happy sigh*) and The 39 Steps. Both from the front row, and they both excelled.
  • A full day at the waterpark. Super-fast I-can-barely-breathe body slides, medium tube slides (that Child is finally tall enough to go on by herself), and one we all got to ride on together. Plus the wave pool, the lazy river, and the play beach house. All deliciously wet.
  • Seeing Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp, and WILLIE NELSON in concert. *pumps fist*
  • Fishing on Lake Poway...even though we didn't catch anything. Child's first time steering the boat.
  • Filling up a suitcase with new clothes and goodies.
  • Just hanging out together, having fun. Relaxing. Taking it in.
I didn't get much book work done, but I'm rested and ready to tackle it today. Once I get *cough* caught up on the Internets. :)


Anonymous said...

Wheee! I am exhausted, salty, and feel sun-burned just reading about this! Also, ENVIOUS! Sounds like you had a spectacular time. Now if you don't mind, the internets needs you again... :)

courtney said...


Is a vacation.

pseudosu said...

Sounds wonderful. I LOVE the ocean!

Susan Adrian said...

Emily: Somehow I don't think the Internets missed me THAT much. :) But yes, it was spectacular!!!

Courtney: *happy sigh remembering* YES.

Sue: *shares ocean love* I was born in Long Beach, which probably cemented my ocean love at first breath.

glovin said...

Sounds like you had a spectacular time.Sounds wonderful. I LOVE the ocean!

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