Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm back at my desk for my first full day of work in a week! Between me being sick, our mini-trip, and Child being sick yesterday (she seems fine now), it's been a little odd. I like getting back to routine after a time away, listening to my Pandora stations while I work, with TweetDeck open on the second monitor. :)

September is my busy month at work, too--I'm putting together next year's calendar (should be at the printer by next week), helping prepare slides for the Board of Regents meeting, getting my researchers settled in again after a summer in the field, and working on a few *new* projects. Yay new projects! Plus we're moving to a new building in December, so I really should be packing things up. AHEM.

And Child's in school and now in her new routine of 3 dance classes a which we've just added Girl Scouts. Add in all the concert series starting up, school activities, husband's work functions...

Fall is crazy, though mostly in a good way. Am so very glad I'm not in school this year, though!!

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