Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I love this little picture on my sidebar!!

It's from Flickr Commons, of course, and from World War II. The caption says the cat's name is Bobby, and it's a soldier saying goodbye. I love the cat, the sepia, the buttons on the man's pants...but especially the woman's shoes. And the fact that she's stretching up on her toes...

Someday, I'm warning y'all, I AM going to write a WW II story. Maybe a short, maybe something longer. But it's brewing in there. :)


Trish Doller said...

Yes! Write a WWII story!Right now I'm working on a military-themed YA about Iraq and Afghanistan. I do loves me some war novels!

Linda G. said...

Those are GREAT shoes!

[Verification word: reazzin. As in, "there's a reazzin for everythihng"?]

Susan Adrian said...

Trish: It's not the war part I'd focus on, but the homefront. Not sure there's much interest in that, though! :)

Linda: They ARE great shoes, aren't they? *want*