Thursday, December 24, 2009


Eeeeee!! It's almost Christmas! It's almost Christmas!!

*bounces around the room*

I adore Christmas--it always has been my favorite day of the year. Yet I really had no idea how magical Christmastime could be until I had Child.

Every morning, when I go in to wake her up and give her morning hugs, I point to the calendar right next to her bed.

"How many days until Christmas?" I say.

The past few mornings, she didn't even have to look. "THREE!" she would say, give a little squee, and throw her arms around me. Her eyes are so alive with pure happiness they hurt, in the way that all aspects of parenting hurt just a touch--the knowledge that this lovely, perfect moment will pass.

But I savor those moments. And her excited discussion about where Santa might be *now* (she loves the NORAD tracker), and reminders that she needs to make sure to go to bed early tonight so Santa can come, and LOOK there are presents under the tree ALREADY but there will be MORE and will I help her wrap her presents for Gram and Opa tonight?

Last night, curious, I asked her what she was looking forward to most about Christmas. She's 7, almost 8, and a sharp little kid--I never know what's going on in that head. Did she love the music, the candles, the decorations? One year she told me she loved the Christmas lights best. Or was it the hope of presents? The excitement of surprise?

She thought carefully, her arms around her knees. Then she said, "Spending the day with my family. And giving other people presents."

"Yes," I said, and gave her another hug. "That's really the best part of all, isn't it?"

And it is. May all of you who celebrate it have a magical, merry Christmas filled with family and giving, and love. I feel so, so blessed--because I will.

Merry Christmas!


Jeanie W said...

Merry Christmas, Susan!

Linda G. said...

Child has it right. May the magic continue! :)