Friday, December 11, 2009

Why I Love Ya

Dear Fabulous Agent Shark (not-so-secret identity Janet Reid):

I've always loved your enthusiasm. The way you chuckled to yourself when you read my opening pages, standing there in the lobby of the Sheraton. The request for a full, given only the way you could give it. (Remember, it started out, "What the hell is wrong with me that I wasn't leaping all over this the day you sent it?" I laughed out loud.) The way you gulped down my book in one day and offered that night. That unbounded enthusiasm, that love for MY story...the way you *got* it, even the tiny little could I ever turn that down?

I couldn't, of course. You made me wait for the other agents, but in the end I knew who I'd choose.

I love the way you've stuck with the book, with me. It hasn't been easy, I know. It didn't go right away, and still didn't, and still didn't. Not for lack of trying. I bet a lot of other agents would've given up by now, figured they were wrong and it was a lost cause. Not you.

I love that when I email you, fretting, you may very well roll your eyes over there in New York, but I can't tell it from your emails.

I love that every time I talk to you on the phone I get the renewed sense that you love this book, that you're not done yet.

I love that when I fret about the book I'm writing now, you get all Buddha-like and say "I have confidence in you." And when I worry that it's not commercial enough, you remind me that you love what I write.

I love that you have a close-knit cadre of clients I can hang out with on Twitter, that feel like my brothers (and couple of sisters). I love that you're on Twitter too.

I love that you're on my side.

I'm so very glad to be on your team.



**Note: This is part of Unofficial Official Agent Appreciation Day, a fabulous idea of Kody Keplinger's. Because sometimes agents get a bad rap, we wanted to join together to surprise our agents with a little love. A list of participating blogs will be available here:**


Kody said...

Yay Susan!!!! Happy Agent day!

Lisa said...

What a lovely tribute! And what great idea.. HAPPY AGENT DAY!

suzie townsend said...

Yay! Happy Agent day :)

Bill Cameron said...

Good morning, Fellow Member of the Chum Bucket!

Linda G. said...

Great tribute to Janet, Suze! :)

ElanaJ said...

Happy Agent Day to Janet! (And you too, Susan.)

Janet Reid said...

fellow member of the Chum Bucket? Oh dear godiva!!!
You guys are The Fabulosity!

Thank you!

Dan Krokos said...

Our agent is the best. I feel bad for everyone else.

Hardygirl said...

Love Janet Reid! Her blog is so no-nonsense.

And, LOOK!! You've got my agent just below this post!!! Isn't she the greatest, too????

Sarah Frances Hardy

Susan Adrian said...

Kody: Thanks so much for organizing this!!

Lisa: Thanks! I'm so happy to contribute.

Suzie: *grin*

Bill and Dan: She is the best, you know. *high-five*

Linder: Thanks, bb. :)

Elana: Thanks! I hope the agents are having fun.

Hardygirl: I LOVE Joanna too. Obv. :)

Susan Adrian said...

Janet: <3!!!!!!! (and sparkles too)

Dee said...

This is such a cool idea! Hurray agents!

nova ren suma said...

This is wonderful!

Melissa said...

brilliant idea! love this :)

Susan Adrian said...

Dee, Nova, and Melissa: Isn't this cool? LOVE Kody's idea!!

Indigo said...

Between you, Dan, and Kari - I'm beginning to understand that Janet Reid's Shark persona definitely isn't about the way she treats her clients. It's all about how she goes after the deals for those who have the honor of her being their agent. How very cool! (Hugs)Indigo

Joanna said...

hahahahahaha--this is awesome!

jmartinlibrarian said...

Darn it; why are you making me all misty eyed?

I've loved reading Janet's blog for a long time. Her post "Less than Zero" changed the way I thought about myself and my fellow writers.

It's good to know that she's just as awesome in the flesh. Thanks for the post!

Suzette Saxton said...

What a beautiful relationship you have with your agent. So happy - for both of you!