Thursday, February 04, 2010

New York Roundup: Part 1

I think it's kind of lame when people start every post apologizing for how long it's been since they posted--so I won't do that. I've been busy, and y'all get that, right?

Late Monday night, I got back from my marvelous, mind-blowing Trip to New York City for SCBWI. It's taken me this long to catch up and gather myself (and my pictures) enough to START talking about it, but I think I'm ready now. To start, at least.

I was a little nervous heading in. I felt silly being nervous, because I've lived in cities, and I've navigated cities--London, Paris, Rome--by myself before. But this was New York. THE city. What if I got immediately lost? Mugged? Marked as The Idiot from Montana?

Fortunately I shared my row on the plane with a kindred spirit--I swear we chatted for four out of five hours--so she and I hung out until our bags came. I thought I might have muddled the bus/shuttle to the hotel, but it worked out fine. A quick phone call to Agent Janet (as she made me promise to do) and her assurances that I could call her Anytime while there made me feel a buffer of protection, and welcome.

And then I got to the Team Sparkle Room, and all was right with the world. Practically coming home, that.

Our hotel, the Grand Hyatt, was sandwiched between Grand Central Station and the Chrysler Building. It was amazing. This is the view that greeted me straight off the bus.

Not iconic or anything, right? V (the amazing Victoria Schwab) and I (first ones there) went to a fabulous, rather luxurious Italian dinner at Fabio Picollo Fiore. Highly recommend, particularly if you're feeling gossipy. :)

The next day we checked out Grand Central by daylight, along with Times Square.

I ran into a certain agent in Toys 'R' Us there!! She even had her trident ready!

Okay, not really. But I DID have an amazing lunch with Agent J that day. THAT, and the arrival of the rest of Team Sparkle, will have to wait for the next post. :)


Janet Reid said...

What do you mean that's not really me? Of course it is! chomp!

Chumplet - Sandra Cormier said...

More! More! I want more! Is Penn Station anywhere near Grand Central? If I don't take my kid to NYC soon her head will explode. It will be very messy.

Linda G. said...

Looks like you had a fantabulous time! Now, just get over that cold and you'll be golden. :)

Ara Burklund said...

It was great seeing you at the conference, Susan - too bad our visit was so brief! Crazy-busy-million-things-to-do/be at/see kind of weekend though, no? You look fabulous, by the way. Next time, hopefully we'll get more of a chance to chat. : )

Karen Mahoney said...

I love reading these roundup posts. Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures! :)

Also... why don't your pics show up in Google Reader? No fair!!

Julie K said...

Jeez, this is just the intro and it sounds like you had a great time! Post more soon!

Your Surrey Roomie

Janet Reid said...

Sandra, Penn Station is on 33rd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. Grand Central is on 42nd Street between Lexington and 5th Avenue. Total walking distance about 3/4 mile. Cab ride: $10 at the most, a lot less if you catch a break on the crosstown traffic.

Hopstop is a great website for that info.

Oh wait, this isn't my blog! Sorry for hijacking Suse!!!

bites self fiercely

Gary Corby said...

Sandra, there's a large Borders right next to Penn station, thus making it even more attractive to visit.

Susan, you've made me nostalgic to go back to NY!

Sharon Mayhew said...

Susan--It sounds like you had a wonderful time. :)

Karen Mahoney said...

Oooh... they are showing up now!! :)

Susan Adrian said...

Agent Janet: Shhh--I'm trying not to SCARE them.

Sandra: I see Janet answered your question--I know Tiffany walked to Penn Station from our hotel. It was about 10 blocks. More coming!

Linder: *sniff* Yes.

Ara: Yes! Sorry, I knew it was going to be crazy!

Karen: I had a picture kerfuffle, but I figured it out now. :)

Julie: It was fabulous! Yay!

Gary: NY is like no other place, y?

Sharon: I DID!! (also enjoying being home now, though...)