Friday, February 05, 2010

New York Roundup: Part 2

Part 2, with more pictures!

So on Thursday last I set out by myself on the streets of New York to find the FinePrint offices. Agent Janet had given me detailed walking instructions, which I diligently printed out and put in my coat pocket.

And lost before I left the room.

I LAUGHED out loud when I realized this, because it was just so ironic and yet typical of me. Fortunately I remembered most of the directions, and figured out the rest. I successfully made it. The intern said, "Oh YES!" when I said my name. *beam*

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephany Evans, Colleen Lindsay, and several very cool interns, and giving Joanna Stampfel-Volpe a quick hug before Agent Janet and I set out on a surprise adventure.

"You'd better laugh when you see this," she said, "or I'll disown you." She studied me. "Never mind, you're going to laugh."

Reader, I laughed. She maneuvered me through my first subway trip, and stood me right here.

A tiara! On the wall of the subway station!

Nah, she doesn't know me AT ALL.

In further proof, she took me to a chocolate restaurant for lunch, Max Brenner's. Chocolate!Restaurant! I ordered this:


Yes, I did. It was AMAZING. Add in coffee and talk, and a very happy conversation about my new book, and it's hard to top that.
And it was only my first full day!!

But that night the rest of the Team Sparkle contingent--my lovely Emily Hainsworth and Tiffany Schmidt--arrived, and we hoofed it to a diner. Then we came back to the room and ate from a whole desk full of snacks, mostly sugary, and watched a RAINBOW BRITE movie.

I know. Two of us (*raises hand*) had not seen it before, and two of us SANG TO EVERY SONG.

We have video, somewhere.

The next morning we were meant to go do touristy stuff, but we kind of stopped at Dylan's Candy Bar. And stayed there, for an hour or two. We browsed, bought presents, bought chocolate, and had cupcakes.

And they browsed and tweeted on their Blackberries. (caption: What Team Sparkle REALLY does)


And then V and I set off for our most glamorous lunch with Joanna and Suzie Townsend. But that will be tomorrow!


Linda G. said...

LOVE the tiara! It suits you. :)

Anonymous said...

That tiara is AWESOME!! And I don't know what you're talking about Team Sparkle really doing--excuse me I have to go tweet...

suzie townsend said...

Love the tiara picture! After I saw this yesterday, Janet showed me where it was. :) I kept thinking "no way!" Why would they decorate subway walls with mosaics of hats and tiaras? but they did.

Joanna said...

Only in NY. Seriously, one of the stations...I think 14th & 8th? Well, all over the place are these little statues of cartoonie worker men. And at one part, right by a staircase on the L platform, there is an alligator coming up from the sewer and chomping on one of the's funny!

Indigo said...

The tiara in the subway is priceless. I didn't get a chance to take the subway in Nov. when I was there. I wasn't sure how my working dog would deal with it. She rides elevators fine, so I imagine it's probably the same thing only moving sideways. (Hugs)Indigo

Susan Adrian said...

Linder: :)
Emily: It is SO TRUE and you know it. *tweet tweet*

Suzie: HEE! I loved it!

Joanna: Aw, I'm sorry I didn't see the alligator too! I love that stuff! The London underground has some cool ones too, but not like that.

Indigo: I don't think I'd want to take the subway with a working dog, but you never know!

Tiffany Schmidt said...

*hee* Us? Play on Blackberries? Naw!

And aren't you SO GLAD that you got to see Rainbow Brite? (I say *see* b/c there might have been some chatter/singing that prevented you from really *hearing* it).

Susan Adrian said...

T: I am glad I saw it. I don't think I need to see it AGAIN, but... ;)