Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Envy follow-up

Wow. I have been overwhelmed by the positive response to yesterday's Envy post, both publicly and privately.

You guys are AMAZING. Thank you!

Also, apparently you all have the same issues I have. :)

I had to clarify that I'm not in a bad place right now--I'm happily working away on research for a big revision on SALVAGED, and it'll be a little bit before I'm on submission again. It's probably because I am feeling secure that I could write about it, actually. But obviously it's enough of a universal issue that it's important to recognize and discuss.

Thank you all for reading and discussing!


pseudosu said...

That was a great post Susan. All the comments are a great testimony to the connections you've built within the writing community. It'll happen. You have the staying power to see that it does.

ali said...

Susan, I didn't make it here yesterday, so just read your Envy post today. I'm totally right there with ya. In fact, I posted today about my lack of hope (or the wavering quality of it) but what I really meant was: Wah. Everyone's getting agents and getting careers and I'm not ... wah!

So, yeah. Thanks for the permission to FEEL it sometimes. ♥