Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Things that Make Me Happy


Let's not discuss the whole continued absence thing, shall we? It's for a good reason, so we'll just leave it at that. I STILL LOVE ALL OF YOU. *~*~*~*~

Now. It feels like time for a Love post, or things that are making me happy right at the moment. Because we should recognize and celebrate happiness when we find it! So these are things I have found recently that I love and can't resist sharing:

EDITED TO ADD A NEW NUMBER 1: THIS: http://tiffanyschmidt.blogspot.com/2011/06/its-wonderful-thing.html

Yeah, that's right. Another sparkler rocks a book deal!! Go T!!

1. Sherlock, from the BBC.

You GUYS. We ran across this accidentally on Netflix and watched the first episode on a whim...and I fell in absolute nerd-love. I didn't even read the books (I know, shame), but this series is SO GOOD. It's Sherlock moved to modern times, but so very cleverly: the writing and acting are both top-notch. Unfortunately there are only 3 episodes so far, with a promise of three more to come, probably next year. *sigh* WANT. NOW.

2. I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak and Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell.
Yes, I'm combining them. Yes, one is theoretically YA(ish) and one is absolutely not, but they remind me of each other, and I love them both. I am in a very boy-narrator sort of mood at the moment, and both of these characters are so authentic and original. Thanks to Martha Mihalick and Janet Reid for those recs! (ages ago, in one case, but I don't read fast...)

3. The weather, today.
Today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Other than that we've had cold, windy, rainy weather pretty much every day. But today is supposed to be 77 and sunny. Finally, a real Montana summer. Aaaaah.

4. Last but not least, HAPPY SAUCE.
Which is taking up all of my time and my brain, but making me HAPPY, hence the code name. *pets*

Now, I also want to throw in Things I'm Looking Forward to. I am getting desperately behind in reading (because of HAPPY SAUCE, mostly), and there are SO MANY books I am dying to get my grubby hands on and devour, but just can't. Yet. They are tantalizing me. Here is the LIST of must-haves that I already know I will love when I have a second (this is embarrassing, I am so behind):

  • Imaginary Girls by the lovely and extraordinarily talented Nova Ren Suma, with whom I have shared a cupcake and many good conversations. YES. I can't believe I haven't read it yet. I've been waiting for it for ages, and now it's staring at me reproachfully.

  • Divergent by Veronica Roth. Edited by the fabulous Molly O'Neill. Again, glaring at me, daring me to just crack it open. 

  • Hourglass by Myra McEntire
At least I sort of have an excuse for this one, as it just came out. Still, it's waiting. I hear wonderful things.

  • And last (on the TOP of the list), but not least...Vicki Pettersson's The Neon Graveyard, the last in the glorious Signs of the Zodiac series. I've followed Joanna's adventure since that first manuscript, before she was published, and loved every minute. Now I get to see how it ends, finally.

Well. When I come out of the cave. Whenever that is. Or maybe I'll just go into a reading cave instead?

Oh, HAPPY SAUCE is calling me--I'd better go.

Please tell me, lovelies, what YOU are loving right now. What are you reading/writing/watching/doing that makes you giggle?

Yes. I've been giggling a lot.

I KNOW. It's a good thing.


DeadlyAccurate said...

I love Sherlock, too, and I hate how few episodes are available.

Only one on your list I've read is Divergent, which is marvelous. I'll have to keep the others in mind.

Susan Adrian said...


I think you'd love Vicki's series, and definitely Beat the Reaper. Powerful voice.

Gary Corby said...

Yeah, Sherlock is brilliant. Martin Freeman is probably the best Dr Watson ever. Jeremy Brett is still the best Holmes, IMHO, but I'll grant Cumberbatch the #2 slot.

The only part that palls for me is their Moriarty. Sherlock's written by the same guys as do Dr Who; they've made Moriarty identical to The Master, and both characters are 100% juvenile and 0% evil. But that's survivable when they have such a fantastic pairing for Holmes and Watson.

Anonymous said...

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