Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Things I learned over the weekend

This weekend was, in general, FABULOUS. It is perfect summer here at the moment. Highs in the 70s and 80s (mostly), sun, afternoon thunderstorms.

I love thunderstorms. It's left over from childhood.

But I did learn a couple of things, in our Summer Adventures. There's always more to learn.

1. The middle-of-the-night sprinkler breaking thing can happen again, exactly the same, three years later. Down to the time of it breaking (1:30 am) and the depth (and coldness) of the water under the house when I had to jump down there. Ugh. I'm calling the sprinkler people today.

2. It is an absolute glorious high to catch a big, fat brook trout on the first cast with a new lure. Even more of a high when my husband and I caught 25 fish between us. (20 rainbows and 5 brooks! It is a RECORD!)

3. If I realize, after we've been out on the boat on the lake for about an hour, that we both forgot to bring our cell phones, we WILL have engine trouble. It is fated.

4. No matter what husband says, I am not quite strong or big (or coordinated) enough to row a metal boat with three people and gear on it by myself. I can, however, manage one oar if he does the other. For a really short distance. And am sore afterwards. *ow*

5. Almost six hours on a rowboat is a long time, especially when for the last hour you have serious concerns about getting back.

6. Still, those 25 fish--and a full day in the sun, on the water with hubby and Child--are worth it.

Hope y'all are doing well! Still working away on the first draft of Happy Sauce (58k today!), and other Things. Wish me luck, and I'll wish you the same.

OH. And GUYS!! Did you know that Victoria Schwab's wonderful book THE NEAR WITCH releases in 2 weeks??

Did you know that I'm going to be hosting an interview and contest in this space, soon, where you can WIN A COPY of said book?

Stay tuned, lovelies.


DeadlyAccurate said...

Regarding #4: A common response I make during "discussions" between my husband and me whenever we're doing remodeling, "If you wanted someone as strong as you, you should have married a man."

Susan Adrian said...


After watching me struggle for a while--continuously telling me I COULD and it wasn't that hard--he tried it. Less than a minute in, he said "Hmm. That's a lot harder than it looks." ;)

Anonymous said...

25 fish! It sounds like you had a blast! Except you know, the whole rowing soreness and engine trouble part. =)