Monday, July 25, 2011

TWO fabulous things!!

I know it's Monday, but I have GOOD THINGS to tell you!

Good things are always more necessary on Mondays, don't you think?


On August 2nd, the rest of the world will be able to read THIS utterly magical book:
by THIS utterly adorable and extremely talented person (on the left below. Yes, VICTORIA SCHWAB!):
To celebrate, this Wednesday July 27th, I'll be hosting an interview and CONTEST to win a copy of The Near Witch mailed to your door! It will be fun, people. Stay tuned.


On Friday I finished the first draft of Happy Sauce!!!!


It feels a little false to celebrate because:

(1) it only took me 8 weeks to write--it gushed out--and it's really really really rough. I'm already making lists of plot points I didn't thread through or people I kind of dropped or need to re-work.

(2) it's not like Jake's even taken a break from my head. See above RE lists. Also, ideas for how to make everything deeper, more intense, etc. are spilling in. And then there's Book 2, which I'm not allowing myself to think about yet but HE is ready to get on with. And the research I need to do in the next few weeks...

But still. Rough as it is, it's a whole story start to finish, and I still love it, and love Jake. So yeah. We can do a little dancing.

See you Wednesday!!


Bill Cameron said...

I love this news.

Linda G. said...

Fantastic news on both fronts, bb! I will happily dance with you. :D

Janet Reid said...

We are chair dancing here!

Susan Adrian said...

Bill: Thank you! Also, you are such a softie at heart. :)

Linder: *dancing*

Janet: :) *chair dancing*

Regina said...

Great news. I'm dancing with you.

Deniz Bevan said...

Great news!! You definitely deserve the Snoopy dance for finishing!