Friday, October 14, 2011


Each book I write is a very different experience--which makes sense, as they're all unique and lovely speshial snowflakes. *pets manuscripts*

No, seriously.

They each have their overlying themes, their "moods," their music, their various levels of beating the heck out of me--*glares at last book*--and their own mascots.

Mascots are for me to look at as I write, then later as I submit and bite my nails. When I'm first-draft writing I look at them often (or touch them, if appropriate). In the later, more difficult stages they remind me of that first-draft time when I was happiest with the book.

Much, much later, as I move on to yet another book and the old mascots sit on the shelf like abandoned toys, they remind me of what I've accomplished. But it's interesting to see how they change, and what they say about me at the time, and the books they represent.

Book 1: The Murderess's Tale
Didn't have one. I was flailing around, didn't know what the heck I was doing. It wasn't ready for a mascot. Anyone want a first novel YA historical based in 1387 England? *crickets*

Book 2: The Weirdest Thing about Jenna
It had flying monkeys. Hence, this lovely:

It's eyes actually lit up, once upon a time! It's also holding in its lap the mascot for a not-long-for-this-world manuscript, Book 3: Ghost Girl. (I had that title before the published book! I swear!)

Book 4: Salvaged
Did not ever have a mascot either. *shifty eyes* I think there is a reason for this.

Which leads us to:
Book 5: Happy Sauce (not its real name)
This lovely, which I am currently doing edits for, has TWO mascots because one could not contain its fabulous juju.

Mascot #1 is a monster that Child designed and sewed for me. She named it Annabelle.

 She is a little creepy, I admit. But heck, the book's a little creepy too. In a GOOD WAY.

Mascot #2 I bought for myself. I saw it at the gem and mineral show, and when I lifted it, it made me happy. It is so smooth and slick, and just the right weight. It is also gorgeous, from all angles, with greens and whites and pinks that shift. It looks like clouds trapped in stone.

I use this one like a worry ball--when I'm pondering plot twists or what to leave in/take out, I roll it in my hands and it HELPS.

I can't be the only one who does this sort of thing, am I? Do you have mascots for your books?


Trisha Leigh said...

I have never had a mascot for a novel but now I feel like I'm missing out and I think I should have one.


Linda G. said...

Hey, I still like THE MURDERESS'S TALE. :)

And I love Annabelle! She's a perfect mascot.

Your worry-ball mascot is cool, too.

Hmm. I don't really have mascots. I may have to get some.

Susan Adrian said...

Trisha: YOU SHOULD HAVE ONE. I want to be the trend-starter this time.

Linder: Well, I like TMT too, but it was a first try. And you GAVE me one of those mascots! You def. should have one. Or two, depending on the book. *rolls ball*

Catherine/Suburban Vampire said...

Funny you should ask. This past week I found a mascot: a fake blackbird named Winifred that'll be my my side while my ghostly YA historical is out with publishers. In fact, her photo is my new profile pic. :-)

Catherine/Suburban Vampire said...

"by my side" that is.

Anonymous said...

Clouds trapped in stone! I love that description.

Cindy said...

Hi Susan,

I liked THE MURDERESS'S TALE set in 1387!

It's interesting that you posted this list - I was just wondering the other day what you're writing now.

I have no mascot for my current WIP. Might be a good idea. *ponders*

Ara Burklund said...

Love the monster your little one made for you! No mascot for me, though--just a butt-ugly story board with oversize neon post-its all over it.