Monday, October 10, 2011

The Unexpected

Happy Monday, y'all.

Good news today: I'm in the middle of the 4th round of revisions on Happy Sauce, and I still love this book with an unholy passion.

Bad news: ...Yeah, I don't really have any bad news.

Child is back safely from her 3-day school campout (they always make me so nervous)--and even though they got rained out at the end, she had a good time. I have new, sexy ankle boots. I have coffee and chocolate. The sun is out, after a week of rain.

All in all, pretty fabulous.

Also, I wanted to tell you guys about this amazing show husband and I saw last week. It was an acrobatics performance, kind of like Cirque de Soleil except based in the old west. It's called Boomtown.

There were lots of flips and amazing balancing feats:

I actually gasped more than once. But my favorite part--the part that made my husband and I both laugh so very hard it HURT--was when they brought an audience member up on stage to interact with the clown, and he totally flubbed it. More than once, in a hilarious way. It really made the evening.

So there are two morals, one for writing and one not.

One: Go see BOOMTOWN if you get the chance.

Two: Embrace your mistakes. Embrace the unexpected. Sometimes what you think is a disaster--just when you're panicking that you've totally messed things up--it turns out to be the best thing you could've done. It twists into the highlight of the show, or the book.


Linda G. said...

BOOMTOWN looks like fun. If it's ever in my area, I'll try to see it.

Also, a big Happy Sauce HOORAY! :D

Crystal Posey said...

Love those photos! I would love to see a show like that. And I love reading how passionate you are about your writing!

Susan Adrian said...

Linder: yes, do see it if you can! I think you'd like it.

Crystal: Thanks. It's the passion that makes this job fun. And bearable. And fun.