Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A day with the gypsies

Welp, got caught up in (pshaw!) work yesterday, and only got it to 6900. More today. Poor Isabella is now being carried upside down in a sack by a bunch of gitanos (Spanish gypsies). I have no idea how or why that happened--is this a frigging historical, or what?--but we shall proceed from there. I do know she's only gone for a day. I guess she wanted a little adventure.

Second term starts today, but in spite of the temptation to load up with classes I refrained, and kept to my 4 units. Discipline, people! Sometimes it pops up in me unexpectedly. I don't want to lose the momentum I have going on Book 2, and the plans I have for TMT revisions. Which I will get on as soon as I finish reading TO SAY NOTHING OF THE DOG.

I got this postcard in my work mail yesterday, and put it up on the wall directly. Diligence is what will make it all happen.

More later--must get back to the legislative brochure now!

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