Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Progress and Men of Snow

I made a little itsy bitsy bit of progress on Book 2, which currently feels like a shuddering mess. A short shuddering mess. Fortunately I know this is mostly what happens when I take too long of a break and my confidence falters, so I will sit down and stare at it again tomorrow.

On Books & Writers they were looking at first lines of chapters today, so I did a quick skim through TMT...and discovered I have an awful lot of chapters with Katherine waking up, or the start of a new day. I don't like this, but I don't think it's something I should address now. I definitely will keep it in mind as Book 2 solidifies, though. Once you recognize a pattern it's time to change it.

We had fun making a snowman after work last night, as we briefly had sticky snow wet enough to roll. Usually we just have the powdery dry stuff that falls apart, so we have to take our snowman opportunities when they come. I think most of it melted today, though--we'll see how much is left of him when we get home!

Tomorrow we're having delayed Christmas dinner and present exchange with my mom and stepdad, since I was too sick on actual Christmas, and we've been gone since. Yay, more presents. I like to stretch good things out as long as possible!

And's almost time to go home and eat. I've been starving all day.

Medieval Word of the Day: rammish: Of smell, taste, etc.: Rank, strong, highly disagreeable.

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