Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Lack of beverages but lots of fish

My goal today was to write 500 words--which is small, but if I manage that much every day it will add up (at least 2500 words a week, 10,000 words a month, a book a year. Forget that I'm writing a first draft--there will be times I'll write more and faster, as I get into it). I got 420 before I had to stop because I really ran out of non-work time. So why are you writing here, you ask. To which I say--shaddup!

As always, my characters surprised me.

From Isabella:

I wanted to make a sharp comment, to show her my superior knowledge, my wit. But she was my sister, and unhappy. I knelt before her, pulled her to me. She did not relax into my arms--just leaned stiffly, like a statue--but she did not turn away.

Huh. I was sure Isabella was going to make the sharp comment. {shrug}

Did I ever mention that I work on a college campus? So from December 13 through January 17 (oh, and summer), the place is deserted--no students, no professors, no admins. No COFFEE. {le martyred sigh} I can't wait until January 17, when "the coffee mill" will open up again for my necessary afternoon addictive beverage. In the meantime, vanilla tea again, which does not have the same level of caffeine.

In the "kids make old things new and cool again" category, Child received a game of Go Fish for Christmas, and we've been having a lot of fun playing as a family over the past few days. Though hubby kicks our butt most of the time (what IS his secret? No, never mind). I've taught Child to do a solid handshake and say "well played" at the end, whether we win or not. Yes, it's vaguely reminiscent of British people playing tennis, but what the heck. It sounds cute in a 4-year-old.

Medieval Word of the Day: fulsome: Characterized by abundance, possessing or affording copious supply; abundant, plentiful, full.

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