Tuesday, April 17, 2007


In the past few days I/we (hubby) have accomplished:

  • Finished the final version of my thesis proposal (okay, I'm going to do one more spit/polish in the morning), including a lovely annotated bibliography with 27 articles
  • Got up over 15,000 words on Jenna, with a goal toward 20,000 at the end of April
  • Paid our taxes (whew)
  • Bought new kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Bought and delivered $200 worth of snacks for our "snack week" of preschool
  • Restrained myself from auditioning for a play, even though I wanted to, because it totally would mess with our schedule
  • Booked a mini-getaway for hubby and I to Seattle in May to see a Padres/Mariners game
  • Booked our vacation to Winnipeg in June for a certain person's wedding {g}
  • Booked two overnight trips to Missoula in May, on different weekends, to see (a) a ballet performance and (b) the Lipizzaner stallions (can you see now why being in a play in May is not a reasonable thing?)
  • Helped Child make and "bind" her own alphabet book
  • Attended our semi-annual parent/teacher conference
  • Managed to go shopping and buy new clothes for Child AND me (yay)
However, amidst all this I have not...quite...finished TASTE. Maybe tonight. I have a feeling it's gonna mess with me before it's all over, so it won't be easy reading. :)


Julie said...

Good on you for not auditioning for the play- I had to restrain myself as well, what with how sick I got from Bye Bye Birdie!

Susan Adrian said...


Oh, you didn't? Hubby was still trying to get me to, 10 minutes before 5 last night...but I was strong. :)

Julie K said...

Glad to hear you're booked in for June - we can't wait to meet youguys in person!!

Julie K

Cindy said...

Wow, busy!

I'm stuck on the $200 in snacks for preschool, that's a lot of bananas! You must have a sharing sort of system, do you? We just paid, and checked to menu to see what he was eating.

Congrats on the getaways. Good for you. And new clothes, yay!

So you're done TASTE now, incredible, isn't it???

Susan Adrian said...


$200 for snacks...yep, it's a sharing thing. Actually it's for the whole school, for a week, and some days there are 60+ kids there. We cleaned up at Costco.

And yes, TASTE was great!