Monday, April 23, 2007


And a step back...

I had to cut out the whole bit of stuff I wrote on Friday--900 words. It was just awful, draggy, and horribly boring. I saved it in a file called "yuck.doc" in case I should ever want any of it...but I doubt it.



Carol said...

Aw Susan,
I'm sorry. I hate when that happens. Sometimes, I can tell the whole time I'm writing, this isn't going to work. Good thing you saved it. You never know, you might be able to rework into another part of the book.

Susan Adrian said...


Sadly, I could tell the whole time I was writing it--I just thought maybe I was wrong. {g} I think a para here or there might be transplanted, but the rest is toast.

Oh well. I never thought I'd write it perfectly as I went!