Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Word Choice

Transcript of actual conversation with Child last night. Remember that Child just turned 5 years old.

Child: "Look, Mommy, did you see that? I'm shaking my booty!"

Me: {boggling}

Child: {giggles} "Did you see? I'm shaking my booty, my booty! Do you know what a booty is?"

Me: {faintly} "Yes..."

Child: "Isn't that funny?"

Me, trying to think faster than the molasses pace I'm managing so far: "You know, 'booty' isn't really a nice word."

Child: "Like butt?"

Me, who has fought several battles over 'butt': "Exactly. It's not a word we should use outside the house. What's the word we should use for that with other people?"

Child: {giggles again} "Bottom!"

Me: "Right, good."

Child: "Booty, butt, bottom. Booty, butt, bottom. You know, they all sound the same! Booty! Butt! Bottom!"

At this point I bent over to pick something up off the floor.

Child: "Mommy, now YOU are shaking your booty!"

Me, giving up....


Cindy said...

LOL! Cute.

Little Boy still thinks all things bathroom are the height of humor, and has since he was two. {pained sigh} What is it with that, anyway??? One day when he was three he climbed onto a step-stool (nakers, it was after his bath) and shook *his* booty - chanting some made-up song about Mr. BumBum... I don't think his father is truly recovered. Me, I wish I'd had the video camera out. I'll bet you can get a teenager to do anything you want, if you have someting like that on tape. {EG}

ERiCA said...

Hahahaha--the joys of parenthood! =)

Funny story!

Rose said...


LOLOL! I love that. Allison does that too, but the first time was when grandma was babysitting her. My mom wonders what the hell I teach her...