Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Catching up

I just got my grades in: all As.

You're shocked, aren't you?


Hmmm. Not hearing a lot of shock out there. You're all hiding it well. {g}

Better yet, I got in (for me) a passel of words today on Jenna, including the start at least of the most difficult scene so far. Poor girl. My goal was to get over 19,000 today, and I did that; tomorrow's goal is to get over 20,000. I'm not sure what will happen plot-wise from there, but overall is 25,000 at LEAST by the end of May. With mini-vacations and all factored in, I should be able to do that.


Last weekend was great fun. We had two 5-year-olds over for a playdate on Saturday, which was amazing. I love watching them all play and squeal together. Then Sunday we did a Mother's Day brunch with my mom, and Child and I made pink-frosted sugar cookies together, shaped like butterflies, cats, ducks, flowers, and stars. Awesome.

Yesterday hubby and I went to a funeral which touched me deeply, and made me want to live a better life and help others, like this woman had. She was a lovely, caring woman, and taken too soon. Then I went and rolled in the grass with Child, which is the best medicine for anything.



Cindy said...

Hi Suze:

Wow, good for you! And no, I'm not realy surprised. (G) Also kudos on the wordcount.

I love baking and cooking with BamBam, I try to include him whenever I can, and he loves it. I want him to be comfortable in the kitchen - and the laundry room, for that matter.

Rolling in the grass IS good therapy, so is blowing bubbles, and watching babies sleep. (S)

I'm sorry to hear that another good person died, sometimes it seems they're (we're!) in short supply.

Susan Adrian said...


Thanks! Yes, it is sad that yet another good person died. Fortunately we have our babies (or not-so-babies) to keep us aware of the moment. {s}

And yes, Child has taken a real interest in cooking lately. Last night she made her Daddy's lunch for today.