Friday, May 11, 2007


And may I have a big WHEW.

All done with grad school work for the term--turned in my 20-page + paper, finished my presentation, and we chose a candidate from my search committee. Next week should be back to sanity, Thank God.

Also it will be back to Jenna. I've managed to scrape a few words here and there, but starting Monday I'll get back to a regular schedule. I'm almost at a big scene, so it's good timing. And I made myself cry on a little scene I wrote today, which is always a good sign that I'm putting passion in. {s}

I'm so happy that I'm free! Woo-hoooo!


Jen said...


Congrats on finishing the school term. It's a great feeling, isn't it? My mind still hasn't accepted that it's over...even though it ended over a week ago. LOL. Oh well.

Good luck with Jenna! I bet you're tickled to be able to write more regularly now. Yay!


Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Jen!! I know you know exactly how it feels. {g}

Now back to regularly scheduled work...which I'm looking forward to!