Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Yay, I made my goal for today! Over 20,000--30%. Must keep on at this pace tomorrow. I'm into the real meat of the story, so this part's pulling ME along.

Of course yesterday I also decided that I had to change a major plot thing, or rather cut it out--there's just too much going on. But it won't be too painful at this stage. {s}

Now for some tea!


Jen said...

Congrats, Susan! :) That makes two of you today -- Carol also topped 20K on her new wip. Man, I'm feeling like a slacker. (g)


Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Jen!

Oh, yeah, you're SUCH a slacker. Miss 20,000 words in a week girl. {g}

Carol said...

YEA Susan!!!!! Doesn't it feel good to meet a big goal like that!

Susan Adrian said...


Thanks! Even numbers are always cool. Congrats on yours! But I'm more proud that I gained another percentage today, and will keep going... :)