Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Okay, enough about freaking Jenna, but no. Not enough.

98%. I think I'll reflect on that for a moment. 90-freaking-8 percent.

Though I think I will go over the wordcount some. Not much, but some. Which of course is perfectly fine. :)

I see the end, like an image in a microscope, coming sharper as I focus the knob.

Some of it is dorky as is. Yes, I admit this. Hopefully I will fix this dorkiness in the second draft, though it's also possible that some of it is just a reflection of my perfectly dorky imagination. We shall see. I plan on giving it to plenty of (diverse) readers when the second draft is done, so all remaining "oh my god this is lame" moments should be wiped out with that.

I am eating Pringle's Salt-n-Vinegar chips like there is no tomorrow. Must stop that.

From Jenna today: "Oh my God, what a headache. Seriously. The headaches I'd had before when I came back, splitting my skull and all? Machetes vs. pumpkin? Nothing compared to this."

Whadjya eat? Leftovers. :)


Jen said...


Woohoo!!! Keep going, girl! You're almost there.



Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Jen!! I think I'm panting a little, but only a bit to go...

Hey, congrats on getting that first 100 to DA! Awesome job!

Carol said...

YEA, Susan! You go, girl. You'll be in edits before you know it.

Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

Well done with your writing. Good luck with your editing...

Keep us all up to date.

Best wishes