Thursday, August 09, 2007


Wow. I got up early this morning to get some writing in while everyone was asleep, and I got about 1000 words before I had to get them up and moving. (Child's getting dressed right now.) We have to do a trip to Bozeman today for a doctor's appointment, so I won't have any more writing time than that.

I could've written all day, if I had the time.

As it is, the next two scenes were already bouncing around in my head in the shower, so that I had to scribble some notes down as soon as I popped out. And OMG, dudes, I love it. It's all coming together, and it just fits perfectly.

{boing, boing, boing}

Yes, that was me bouncing around the room. Yes, I have probably had too much coffee. But that is just okay by me. I'm happy, yay yay yay, it's working and I love it and I can't wait to write it--

damn. gotta go. {g}


Cindy said...


How cool is that??

I think I've got some of your positive energy leaking from my screen, I've had a major epiphany about a WIP that was stalled for lack of a...well, a climax. (S)

Anyhoo, great for you! Keep it up!

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Susan Adrian said...

Yay, Cindy! You GO! :)