Thursday, July 10, 2008

An award, woo-hoo!


Julianne at Writing the Renaissance (my submission buddy) has awarded me an Excellent Blog award! I hadn't heard of this before, but it seems to be an organic award bloggers give to each other, in recognition of blogs they like. I'm honored, Julianne, thank you!

The second part of the deal is to choose 10 blogs that I enjoy regularly to award in turn. Not difficult at all--there are so many! Here are my ten, in no particular order:

1. Janet Reid. I'd hang out there daily even if she wasn't my agent. Wait, I DID hang out there daily before...

2. A Novel Woman For breathtaking pictures and funny stories.

3. Motherhood is Not for Wimps The best Mom/Life blog I've run across. I've been reading Elizabeth's posts for years!

4. Jackson Pearce For the vlogs especially!

5. Melissa Marr I love Melissa's books, and her blog gives a wonderful glimpse of a professional writer's life.

6. Jo Bourne For the technical writing tips particularly...Jo rocks.

7. kc dyer, who blogs about her incredibly busy life writing, promoting, AND running the Surrey conference.

8. Simply Elise My favorite cooking blog EVER. Okay, the only cooking blog I read.

9. Diana Peterfreund I've been following Diana's publishing adventures for a long time now.

10. Lottery Girl She hasn't been out there a long time, but what she does have kicks ass. :)



Joanna Bourne said...

Hi Susan --

Thank you so much. *grins* I am delighted to rock.

Almost purely off topic, I used to work with geologists, back in the day. Geologists are the most muscular of all the geek types. They -- if I may say so -- rock.

Why don't we see more geologist heroes?

A Novel Woman said...

Yay! I rock!

And Jo, I concur about the geologists. My 80+ FIL is a retired geologist, but that doesn't stop him from leading the grandkids on six mile hikes through the bush.

Susan Adrian said...

Jo: you do rock!

[Why don't we see more geologist heroes?]

Because they're too busy arguing with each other over what era/type of rock/color of shale/fault or not fault something is?

Because their idea of "a brief period of time" is 1000 years?

Can you tell that I work with geologists every day? :)

No, really, I like them.

Susan Adrian said...


Yes, they are tough buggers, aren't they?

I'm telling your kids you DO rock.

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Suze,

THANK YOU!!! You are so sweet!

Janet Reid said...

I'm honored!
thank you!