Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Obama update

So...Barack Obama. Likely {fingers crossed} next President of the United States. In my town, on the 4th of July.



That's me, right there, in the hat. Holding Child. An AP photo. WOW.

See, that's why I haven't blogged about it since it happened. All I have to say is WOW.

Originally, Barack was going to march in our parade. However, the Secret Service (see at least 2 of them in the photo) nixed that idea. So instead, he watched the parade for a bit, with his family, and then hosted a picnic on the Montana Tech campus, for those lucky few (okay, 1700) who could get tickets.

We got tickets. That's two scores: 1, live in the right place at the right time. 2, we got in line just in time--we got the last batch of tickets. Yay! I could barely sleep the night before. (okay, there were fireworks going off too...)

We showed up for the picnic with our chairs, blanket, hats and water, and little else. We had to pass through a metal detector and through some fencing, but it was all well organized and easy. They'd set up well. We arrived about an hour before Barack did, and there were already people getting food, sitting at the picnic tables, and playing with the huge beach balls they'd tossed around the lawn. We picked a likely table--not TOO close to the stage, since those were already all taken, and started to plop our stuff down...

when we were chosen by a staffer to go sit in the restricted area, "on camera" (she said), where Barack and his family would be speaking (and eating). Score 3.

It was a bit hectic when Barack and his family actually arrived in their big bus, what with all the Secret Service people and staffers hovering, and most people directly disobeying the request not to rush him for a handshake line. But once he settled in, it was awesome. Our senator spoke, then our governor, then Michelle Obama, then Barack. We were RIGHT THERE, standing and cheering. It was overwhelming, amazing, awesome. I've supported the man for a long time now, but in person he really is inspirational, and charming. Bonus: it was his daughter Malia's tenth birthday, so there was an extra-special celebration for that. There was a cake, and the crowd, both in the parade and at the picnic, sang her "Happy Birthday."

After his speech he took the time to shake everyone's hand he could reach, both inside the barricade and along the fence. Including mine.


Then he managed to go and grill some hamburgers for himself and some lucky folks in the crowd, chat with people a bit more, and then disappear.

I love this, too. He scheduled some private family time, so his family could celebrate the 4th and his daughter's birthday. They hung out at our World Museum of Mining, danced, played hula hoop, and were mostly sans reporters. They spent the night somewhere in town, flying out the next morning.

I am so grateful that I and my family had this opportunity to see him, hear him speak, and shake his hand. It's something I can definitely tell my grandkids about...and my daughter can too. If I can get a bit more coherent about it.

Did I say WOW?


Ingrid said...

Awesome! Awesome! You are so lucky, and what an historic day for your daughter. And an AP pic to boot. So cool. Last time Obama came to Seattle, we couldn't get anywhere near him. Serious rock star status in these parts.

Jack said...

Hey Susan-- just saw your comment about the dancing video. Feel free to post it on your blog or wherever you want!


Susan Adrian said...

Ingrid: I am still wowed by the awesomeness. Thanks!

Jack: Thanks so much! I love your vlogs. I just went ahead and linked to it yesterday instead of posting straight out...

MM said...

Wow. What an opportunity. Now I feel I must get tickets to the convention

Kelly Gay said...

Very, very cool!!!!!