Monday, July 28, 2008

Random Thoughts from this weekend

--I. Love. This. Book. Love love love. Love this book. LOVE. This is me on paper.

--Insomnia SUCKS. I can't even write when I can't sleep. My brain is stuck on high spin cycle. And the next day (that would be today) my brain is stuck in Dull.

--Hubby is awarded extra super bonus points for taking Child to the bookstore for more than an hour so I could work.

--We are officially in "gorgeous weather" mode. Must enjoy it while it lasts.

--Fighter jets are very loud when they take off right in front of you.

--It's very cool to see your daughter perched up on top of a fighter jet. (not, you know, when it's flying)

--It's amazing to see your daughter perform in her first play. And make it through, and beam afterwards.

--Betsy and Tacy is still a good book.

--If the dream that I had this morning comes true someday, even close, I will be a happy camper. Well, not the vampire part. But the rest...yeah, baby.

That is all.


Brenda said...

I know what you mean about some dreams just being too good to wake up from. I do hope yours comes true...except for the vampire part that is...hee. As for mine...strange talking cats with more or less human faces and a bear...hmm. This is definitely wierd dream season for me.

Rose said...

Ahhh. Betsy Tacy. My friend at work LOVES that series. I reaaaalllyyy need to read it.

Miss you!

Susan Adrian said...

Aw, miss you too, Rosie! I'm hermiting. Though I'm only an email/IM/KWC away. :)