Friday, August 15, 2008

A big fat pshaw to you, sirs

This line was in my horoscope today:

Daydreaming about your future is a lot like playing pretend -- lots of fun, but not very appropriate for grownups.

I'd find it hard to disagree more. Daydreaming about the future is critical: if I didn't have the daydream of a book contract, keeping my head down every day working on revisions might seem pointless.

And who the heck deemed playing pretend as "not appropriate for grownups"? Pshaw.

I do get the point it's trying to make: focus on today instead of tomorrow. Okay. But I'd rather like to keep focusing on both, thanks.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Daydreaming is great fun. I like to imagine putting chili peppers up a lion's bottom.

courtney said...

Pfft, whoever wrote that horoscope is probably BORING and UNIMAGINATIVE. Keep focusing on both!

Susan Adrian said...

Exactly! Thanks both!

Chili peppers up a lion's bottom is at least an entertaining daydream.

Ingrid said...

Throw that horoscope away. If it weren't for daydreaming, we wouldn't have books on their way to publication!