Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I keep hoping to have a gap-toothed picture to share with you--Child's first loose tooth is sooooo loose it's gotta be soon, but it's still hanging in. Watch this space (for an impending space) {g}.

I seem to have cursed myself by saying yesterday that the next part of revisions would be easier. I was absolutely positively WRONG. I battled with myself yesterday over every word, questioning every flippin' comma, and I'm not sure I made anything better. And I only plowed through 8 pages, which I have to go over again today anyway. *grumble*

Kids, don't listen if anybody ever tells you ANY of this job is easy. *bangs head quietly*

I also want to do a quick YAY shoutout to my girls, who are all pounding away on their keyboards this summer, staying focused, and kicking ass. Vic, Rosie, Linda, Jule, karen, Pam, Sara, Deb, Kathy, Kreek.... You guys keep me sane, and are my inspiration all.


Gary Corby said...

You have my sympathy on both the edits and the tooth. My Miss 6 has her third tooth sticking almost vertically forwards, with the adult tooth already out behind it, despite which the baby tooth is stuck and not even a dentist friend can pull it without tools. Aargh.

But even pulling teeth is more pleasant than difficult edits. A friend who used to teach creative writing suggests seeing every edit as an opportunity to do something quite different. But, when I look at five different versions of the same thing, and can't tell if one of them's better than the others, it all gets just a little bit frustrating.

Good luck with both!

Rose said...


I was so busy getting pounded, er pounding away on my keyboard to see that you shouted YAY in my direction. {g} YAY back at ya!

Little A still has yet to lose a tooth, but I noticed today she's got a bunch of those 6 year molars coming in. No wonder she's crabby! I'm actually pretty fascinated. She's getting tired of me saying, "Hey, A -- open up and let momma see." And then I say, "Ewww. That's cool, man." So, she's hidden herself away in her room with Amelia Bedelia. {g}


Susan Adrian said...

Hi Gary! Child has the two bottom permanent teeth already in as well, just waiting for the baby teeth to fall out. At least we're getting close--we didn't know if they would even come loose, or just have to be yanked. Yuck! And yep on the edits. Though I can see the tunnel light coming...

Rosie: {s} Keep pounding, girl.