Friday, March 06, 2009

Food Friday!

So as I'm finishing up the Dreaded Thesis, obviously I've been eating and thinking about food a lot.


What? It's true. Stress, sitting at desk all day, the nefarious influence of my fellow tweeters, all = food.

Hence, I declare: Food Friday!

Share a recipe you love (or a food, if you're a non-chef like some of my favorite people) in the comments. We all win!

Mine is one of my favorite quick recipes: Asian Grilled Chicken. I made it last night, and as always, everyone loves it. Here's the official recipe:

I adapt it by just plopping the chicken breasts IN the sauce for however long I have--even 15 minutes seems to work fine. Then I broil them, one rack down from the usual broil setting so they don't burn, for about 10-12 minutes each side depending on thickness. They get nice and brown/crunchy on the outside, but moist on the inside...

Last night I served it with fresh sliced pear and a steamed veggie mix of edamame, mushrooms, and green beans, but it's good with just rice too.

Now it's your turn!! Talk about FOOD!!


Joanne Levy said...

Today I am having a very crappy day at work, which means I crave nachos - lots of cheese, sour cream, guac, you know the drill.

I would go get them for lunch, but a couple people in my office are off today and our local pub only serves them in king-sized platters. It's WAY too much for me and the one other girl here at work.

also, my new fav healthy food is steamed and salted edamame (soybeans). Just pop them out of the pod and consume. YUMMM

Susan Adrian said...

I got the edamame because you mentioned it more than once! It was pretty good. :)

Nachos, however, would be BETTAH.

Julie Weathers said...

Recipe for rodeo cake and Jello Marzipan fruit.

pseudosu said...

Ok, here's my bad day give me that damned chocolate recipe-- stick either a dove milk chocolate or hershey's nugget or kiss in your mouth, then take sips of hot chocolate while it melts. Heaven.

My healthy fix is talapia with either lemon juice and salt and pepper on it or cajun seasoning, cooked w/o oil in a pan, with wild rice and a green veggie.

Foooooooood. Mmmmm-- you are still evil though... the whole samoa incedient was not good at all for SuesAssFat.